Remote Sensing

Pathes into the zone



Posted by Karsten

The website offers my experience in learning Remote Viewing since 2003, a method to perceive extrasensory impressions. It will include all the stuff I encountered on my way to master this skill. One example may be Hemi-Sync and how it can enhance the attentiveness in perception. Another is the time when I discovered that I can get easily in the mental state called Flow to work off a short task without the need of an accepted standardized method like Coordinate-Remote Viewing. For more information how it feels like see Wikipedia article about Flow (psychology).

Short explanation

Coordinate-Remote Viewing (CRV): A method to lead someone in a mental state called flow, based on eight Stages. Many different variances are out there but I will use this tag for all of them, because its the core they base on. The term Remote Viewing (RV) is used for more general methods. All sessions are done without knowledge about the task, except its stated otherwise.

Associative Remote Viewing (ARV): A method to gather knowledge about binary states. In difference to others, a target will not directly perceived but instead a photo will be taken as a replace and associated with the real outcome.

Target Pool: A long list of (un)known tasks to work off. The lack of knowledge about future tasks minimizes the error rate in the results.

Target Movement: A prompt to get a new point of view regarding the target. It can be physical movements around or intangible ideas to gather more information about.

Interviewer: Second person which directs the Viewer onto new interesting target aspects. The Interviewer only refers to information which was gathered before by the Viewer to not influence him in any (sub)conscious way. Any sessions here are done solo, without an interviewer. Its explicit stated when not.

Hemi-Sync: Soundtracks which change the mental state of the listener into different states of awareness.

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