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Germany wins FIFA World Cup 2010

Posted by Karsten

I intended to use Remote Viewing to investigate the winner of the FIFA World Cup 2010 before it began. Because of lack of time and personal sensitivities I were not able to do it earlier than the round of 16 using Associative Remote Viewing (ARV). That is a technique to replace the event with another target (ie. a photo) for better analysis.

The favorites were:

1. Group: Spain, Brazil, England, Germany, Argentina, Italy
2. Group: Netherlands, France, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Uruguay

The selection were chosen because of bookmakers favorites. I’d like to have an equal count in groups so added Denmark. Marked in red are the countries of the first Remote Viewing session result. It was crisp, clear and easy to analyse.

The next session were ignored because of me being too tired and a bad technical result.

At the time of the third session England and Italy were out. The new groups under investigation were:

3. Group: Spain, Brazi
4. Group: Argentina, Germany

The result was again crisp and clear for the 4. Group (marked red).
At last I’ve chosen the following countries from the 4. Group:

Argentina – Germany

Again the result was obvious and in favor of Germany. That means the Winning Team of the Final of the FIFA World Cup 2010 will be the Winner of the quarter final game “Argentina versus Germany“. At the time I write this essay the game is already over and Germany won with four goals against Argentina. Session were done before the game.

As a cross check a new Remote Viewing session were done with the remaining members:

5. Group: Germany, Paraguay
6. Group: Uruguay, Netherlands, Argentina, Spain

For the 5. Group only Germany und Paraguay were chosen because the first seems to be the Winner of the Final. The result were also not identifiable and ignored. I have an idea why that happend but need more time to be sure. For me the ARV project of the FIFA World Cup 2010 is finished because I don’t want to degrade my skill with working on the same topic too long. Novelty is a key in Remote Viewing!

July, 03rd 2010

Edit on July 07th, 2010: Germany lost against Spain and will play in the Match for the third place and so can't be the winners of the World Cup 2010.