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Forthcoming event in Iran or North Korea?

Posted by Karsten

Because of an ongoing remote viewing project I can’t tell the task I’ve used. But I have indications of an forthcoming event of public media interest.

A ‘structure‘ was shown in the session sketch which attributes contain ‘rotating movement, up and down, shaking-vibration‘. To me it was ‘too complex‘, a movement which ‘intimitated me as a human‘, is combined with a ‘building‘ and seems ‘mechanical‘. It is used to ‘create something‘ and it makes people feel ‘unhappy because of its movement‘. They are ‘unhappy, aggressive, disappointed‘ and ‘its very important to them‘.  Its a ‘taboo issue‘.

Centrifuge like structure

A target movement on an element of the structure showed a ‘bright emissive, smoky‘ and ‘energy-rich‘ event which ‘attracts attention‘. Something ‘drift apart‘ and has a ‘weird, granular surface‘. People feel now differently: On one side they feel ‘gratification, happy‘ and others ‘chaotic, concerned, unhappy‘. A ‘cuboid‘ thing with ‘transport‘ is included.

Explosion like event

A target movement into bird’s eye view showed the area to be round shaped. The energy of the event drifts apart from the center, like an earthquake and is triggered from the ground. Its like inhabited territory, but with very low houses and vehicles. ‘Like hot desert sand‘. A chain reaction is going on. I got the impression that its like a ‘training area‘. The event itself is ‘exceptional, its done oftener, its controlled, clouded in secrecy, destructive, cruel and hostile‘.

Bird's eye view of event

Where will it occur? I’ve only draw a rose of a compass so far and got the North-East course, outside of Germany. Follow on sessions could isolate the exact region. A timeline showed the event would occur last days in May 2009, but consequences of it would be in beginning of October and could influence financial markets.

Two things are in my mind as a conclusion:
- its an (underground) atomic explosion in North Korea like we saw before.
- its a local and temporary limited millitary attack on Iran, because I got ‘like hot desert sand‘ and a centrifuge like structure.

Overall it seems to be a controlled event, not an accident or a nature desaster; its of hostile quality. What I’m not sure about is if people need to act against others (like destroy something of interest) or if people create something with explosion-like character with hostile intentions and others are only angry and in awe of this. Need to be clarified. Any comments would be appreciated!

April 13th, 2009

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