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Update: Forthcoming event…

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Sphere from outsideDots inside

A remote viewing session with interviewer by Thorsten supports the idea of an imminent unusual event of public media interest. His results showed a ‘novel, highly advanced, electronic – but not mechanical‘ object. It looks like a sphere with a cross on it (left).

Its delevopment in the future is different: Inside are now ‘blue lightdots, jumping back and forth‘ very fast (right).


A target movement ‘1000 Meter above the site something should be visible‘ revealed something smoky in the center. ‘Difficult living conditions for people‘. Sounds appeared ‘like coming from a helicopter‘ and ‘watching, people are shocked like this has never been seen before, panic, uncoordinated‘. There’s a ‘high-pitched tone‘ which seems ‘very annoying‘ to the viewer. ‘Could crack glass‘.

Next target movement ‘Describe the significant and recognizable features of the country at present time‘. The Viewer then depict a ‘flat building, people are involved‘ and ‘object of research‘. The land was ‘totally uninhabited‘. Timeline indicated here the event could occur in autumn this year (2009).

At last he tried to sketch the country flag which was unrecognizable to date. The Viewer was uninformed about the target. The drawing of the flag was done at the intentional prompt by the Interviewer.

Country flag

April 25th, 2009

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