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Barack Obama

Posted by Karsten

Remote Viewing Session were done blind by me with Interviewer. Task: ‘Describe Barack Obama’s term in office as a historical view from the year 2020‘.

Data showed a person in the session which ‘was overambitious without respect for others, especially for his family‘. He now (in 2020) has stronger family relations, ‘three children‘. It was a ‘job-related success‘ and is now ‘self-employed‘. There seemed to be a ‘strong problem with financial strategies‘, ‘a big loss‘ and he ‘shouldn’t listen to others‘. The biggest failure were ‘problems with women/liasion‘. But the person is contented in 2020 and haven’t regrets about anything. I got the impression the data seemed to be very subjective, because the person is not much more different as in the moment.

I marked four important events from now to the year 2020 in the life of that person (in chronological order).

1. The first one (third largest) showed a ‘childbirth‘, which ‘will soon occur‘. A happy event for anyone. Analysis: Obama will become a father, because as written above, the person in 2020 seems to have three children.

2. The second (least) were a combination of several small events. They contains problems with healthiness, a risk and isn’t easy to get well. The person is worried about it. In the session I got the impression the person itself would be sick. But now, in the analysis, I’m not sure if the topic is the current pandemic influenza (swine flu) seen from a political viewpoint. So it will induce great worries, even if the outcome is unproblematic. But that’s not known yet (every president should have it’s own RVer, isn’t it?).

3. The third (largest) important event in the term of office of Barack Obama is ‘something job-related‘. He is the center of it and it ‘strengthen his personality‘. ‘Beautiful women are around him‘, ‘like a secretary‘. Analysis: The reelection of Obama in 2012.

4. The fourth one (second largest) is a sad event ‘connected with his family‘. It is ‘not job-related‘. ‘Feeling devastated‘. ‘Lost something and is guilty‘. ‘Loyalty failed‘. ‘Like losing his girlfriend because of escapade‘. ‘Recover from it at work‘. My comment was: “There are several beautiful women there, so no problem to recover”. ;-) Analysis: Will he have a problem in his marriage? A new Bill Clinton affair? But that seems to be temporal because as I wrote above, in 2020 he will have a stronger relationship with his family.

August 24th, 2009