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Forthcoming event: North Korea explodes atombomb

Posted by Karsten

Today, Monday 25th of May 2009, North Korea explodes a second underground atombomb, officials says.
See Los Angeles Times.

The website of the U.S. Geological Survey reports a seismic event of 4.7 magnitude in North Korea at 0:54 UTC. “Comparisons of the seismograms of both atom tests shows similar features, suggesting that the two events are in close spatial proximity and are the same type of source, although the more recent event is larger.”
See USGS: Magnitude 4.7 – North Korea.

The event can but not need to be the predicted event of public media interest I wrote two articles about (see below). Although it could explain the fact why it occurs in May but have first consequences in autumn end of the year.

Edit (2009-07-04): The original task at hand was: ‘Describe the event which triggers a strong decline of the DAX value (german stock indice) in 2009‘. The result was an object and a connected event of ‘public media interest‘. I drew a timeline and marked two points – in spring and autumn. The event seemed to occur in spring and the impact of it on the DAX would be in autumn. The session were done blind. Thats why I wrote ‘The event can but not need to be the predicted event‘, because the event itself had no significant impact on the DAX (yet). Well at least as predicted in the session.

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May 25th, 2009


Great Cheops pyramid in Egypt

Posted by Karsten

Remote Viewing session with interviewer. Task was: ‘Target is the Cheops Pyramid in Gizeh, Egypt. Go back to the time of their construction and describe in DETAIL which technical tools were used for the structure and its purpose‘.

In the first two sketches I drew several boxes which moves sideways. The structure also moves up- and downwards, like being stuck on ropes. Impression of a boot swimming on water.
One of the boxes (Element [1]) was described as a forward roll back movement. It moves jagged sideways and up-down. Its supposably faster than a cyclist. The person on the sketches is only a reference for the size.

I perceived a person group were the people in it seemed to be strongly connected to each other. Like no one could move without the other. A team.
On Page 8 my interviewer said I should have a look if there is more on the left side of the site. I sketched an abstract scenery with two important locations. Especially the left one [O2] was prominent. I perceived it was in a foreign country – like being in Bavaria (because they have strange rites, customs and dialects. Its like being in another country if you are in Bavaria, an insider joke of germans).
On Page 10 there’s an unidentifiable structure [K1]. It seems to be an old technology, got out of style and nobody likes to own it. Additionally there was the fleating impression of a ‘dryly current flow‘ (electricity), but I didn’t understand how electricity could be dry and not moving. The Session was interrupted and continued on the next day.

Download the complete Remote Viewing sessions:
Session #1 (PDF – German)
Session #2 (PDF – German)

May 10th, 2009