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Optimum job trajectory

Posted by Karsten

Remote Viewing Session on November 02nd, 2008. Task: ‘Optimum trajectory/job‘.
Like always in my last optimum trajectory sessions, the results were not fruitful. Indecipherable. Lacking the skill or being a sceptic person, who knows. Sometimes I’m too hard on myself. Well, I can say for sure it was nothing about dinosaurs and hadn’t to do with astronauts. At least thats something to consider. :D

A notice to the reader: Optimum trajectory means the way to reach a desired topic, here ‘job’. The job itself must not be shown in a session, at best in a side note.

My sketches showed tent-like objects grouped together and words like ‘missed opportunity, was set up, test of courage‘ and ‘job-related‘ popped up.

optimum trajectory for job

In a Stage 6 I drew a round thing with two significant crosses. When the session were over I got the sensation I had seen this before but couldn’t remember where. Looked to me like a radar screen, maybe in the Nintendo game ‘Pilot Wings’? Didn’t make sense to me.

Two crosses in a session

Yesterday, four months later, I took a book and went to the toilette. Sitting there, the book in my hand, looked at it and bOoM, I saw crosses on the book cover. It reminded me immediately of this session without being thinking of it since months. It feeled like an enlightment. Here is the book cover:

CRV book by Morehouse

One more piece to the great puzzle in sessions. My optimum job trajectory has something to do with: Remote Viewing! – Scary…

February 26th, 2009


Offer and demand of Gold at COMEX Market

Posted by Karsten

On Friday, 12/12/2008, a remote viewing session with the task ‘Offer and demand of Gold at the Commodity Exchange Market in the next two months‘ revealed two important aspects:

1. A ‘supply shortfall‘ of Gold
2. New arising problems with the economy; a declared bankruptcy, either a bank/company or an eastern country

My intention was to define the next moves on the Gold market. More offer than demand or other way around. I analysed the ‘supply shortfall‘ as an significant increase in demand of Gold. The sketches of the session seems to have no relevance to the subject.
Even if a real ‘shortfall‘ came not (yet) true, the price of Gold in Euro moved strong upward since mid January, after moving several weeks in a short range because of currency rate shift between $ and €.

Price of one Gold ounce in December 2008: 615 Euro
Price of one Gold ounce in February 2009: 740 Euro

Thats an increase of 20%, which is by the way a huge step in Gold price nominated in Euro.

Well, to make this situation bad, I haven’t bought Gold in addition before the uptrend. :(
That is because I’m not satisfied enough with my own Remote Viewing sessions, even if my last trend results were hits. Except for this “female” US-President session…

Goldchart in Euro of mid February 2009

February 17th, 2009