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e-gold business trend in May 2007

Posted by Karsten

This is the first post in a series of tasks I’ve worked in the past, applications of real world targets. They will show how it is possible to foresee trends through Remote Viewing (and a bit of luck).

Since 2005 I had some money on e-gold, a digital Gold currency which can be transfered like money with Paypal immediately around the world. It is backed by real Gold bars stored in vaults at London and Switzerland. In beginning of 2007 rumours at forums appeared about immediate government problems so to conclude money on e-gold could be no longer safe. I’ve then prepared a task (‘e-gold long term business trend‘) and put it in my Target Pool. The session were made on April 16th, 2007, two weeks before the owners of e-gold were indicted on money laundering and lacking the license to operate a money transmitting business.

The session revealed a box, contained with brick-like rectangles, half of it seemed to be lost or hidden.
Words like ‘discussions, rumours, useless, leaving‘ – ‘valuable, assets, downfall, storage‘ and ‘movement, transport, hiding‘ appeared. Also the idea of ‘A lifeform relocate something‘. My evaluation then was e-gold would suffer losing half of their Gold stored in their vaults. I didn’t knew what was going on until three weeks later.

On May 3rd, 2007 screenshots in forums indicated a massive deduction of Gold bars in e-gold vaults. These were public official numbers obtained at e-golds statistics page. Over 14% of the stored value were deducted overnight into nowhere. More Gold was pulled-off in the following days. That was highly unusual, because most of the time since e-gold’s business start in 1999 they bought new Gold bars instead of selling them. An article was posted on the same day, written back on April 27th, 2007 by the U.S. Department of Justice, releasing the news the owners of e-gold were indicted on money laundering -> Press Release

It is known today that part of the Gold was confiscated by the U.S. Department of Justice. Other deductions were made by bigger investors fearing a complete closure or confiscation of all Gold stored in e-gold. Around 30% of Gold (as far as I know today) were withdrawn. A massive flight out of e-gold began. Exchangers had problems to fulfill all the orders and most people got their money only with high premium fees back onto their bank account. I got out earlier because of my Remote Viewing session results.
E-Gold is operational up to date after making several changes to their business structure. For more information see the appropriate Wikipedia article here -> e-gold

I could scan the entire session but it is in german. It is not very impressive in terms of accuracy, its sketches or words. I was only able to evaluate the results because of knowing e-gold and how it works (having an e-gold account for example) and a bit of luck. Beside the sketch of the Gold vault with half of it lost or hidden, most of the words above I extracted through a so called Stage 5. There was no retasking about this target given.

e-Gold's gold store vault

December 15th, 2008