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Thank you Palyne…

Posted by Karsten

There is a short story behind this blog:

Once upon a time I sat down and thought to open up a blog with some of my Remote Viewing experiences when the key would be found… a tiny little item to lock up doors, you knows it. This damn tiny little thing which should be found with no hassle, because it would be so easy they said… I only would need to use this nice task, as the RV DVD course producers and sellers advertised.

Well, to make the story even shorter, I haven’t found it through Coordinate-Remote Viewing, but at least by working in the flow, a mental state (see Page ‘About‘). I forgot to open up the blog until Palyne on the Dojopsi-Forum said it would be a good idea to write down my experiential stuff. So here it comes.

And whats the story behind all of the cute little hunny bunnies I’ve found? Hunny Bunny found through working in the flow

Well, now we are here and more to come in the next couple of days months…

August 4th, 2008